A message from “the VANTAGGIO guys”


First of all, for all of you guys suffering from hair loss at this very moment, we would like to let you know that we’ve been there, and we know the feeling of seeing our hair thinning day after day and exactly how it feels when our friends used to say things like “hey, you’re going bald”...


And YES, we also know how it feels when you are not even able to watch tv because you’re drowsy after using harsh products with Minoxidil or Finasteride, believe me, VANTAGGIO & Co. would not exist if we hadn’t experienced all that first hand…


Unfortunately, Two-thirds of men all over the world are affected by male pattern baldness; with 40% experiencing noticeable hair loss at age 35 (which was my case, particularly speaking)


This is exactly why we, at E.L. Erman Laboratories in Israel developed our VANTAGGIO & Co. Hair Growth & Anti-Hair Loss product line; We have combined the absolutely most powerful ingredients that fight Alopecia (Hair-loss) and that promotes hair growth at the same time, all that combined with what is known as “the miracle Hair growth” patented formula, PROCAPIL™, a natural herbal complex that promotes effective hair growth without side effects


You can count on us as allies in your fight to get your hair and your confidence back, feel free to contact us, really, reach out and ask any questions, you are one of the “VANTAGGIO guys”now and we are together in this


Peter H.